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Here at Stargaze Beauty, we offer the popular cryolipolysis treatment which is commonly referred as “cool sculpting” or “fat freezing” at our clinic in Manchester, Stockport

How Does This Work?

Cryolipolysis is quickly becoming a common therapy option. This treatment entails the freezing of fat cells in a specific location of the body. Fat cells have a fragile structure and cannot live at these temperatures. They die and exit the body via the lymphatic system, which functions to eliminate toxins. As a result, fat in the target area is eliminated, giving you a more toned and healthy appearance. Cryolipolysis is good for places where fat is difficult to remove with diet and exercise, such as the chin, stomach, and back.

What Results Can I Expect?


Clinical trials have also shown that fat freezing can reduce subcutaneous fat by 25% after only one treatment. The treatment’s effectiveness appeals to clients who want to shed body fat quickly and see large results. When the body begins to naturally shed the cells, the procedure’s results can be noticed. In most situations, you will notice a fat decrease within three weeks. In certain cases, the full results will not be accessible for six months after the treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Treatments Do I Need?

One treatment may be enough for some people however others may see better results with up to 3 treatments.

How Long To Wait Between Treatments?

We recommend that you wait at least 30 days until your next treatment however you will find the best results in the 1-3 months range.

Does it hurt?

This is a relatively painless procedure, some people may feel a mild feeling that can be referred to as a “pinching” or “mild stinging”


Choose Us?

We are a clinic based in Manchester that offers a range of treatments to help with any hair, skin and body conditions you may have. We like to take pride in what we do using the highest quality equipment and staff. You can feel safe and secure knowing that our trained professionals will provide you with the best treatment and aftercare.


What They Say


Thank you Stephanie, it was my very first time trying dermaplaning and she was very helpful and professional. Also, the fresh peppermint tea was amazing!

Nora Nemane

I’m very happy with my treatment, this is a lovely clinic, very nice and clean. Stephanie is really good and friendly 😍 She make me a cup of tea and spoil my little one

Patricia Lima

Excellent service and amazing results. Stephanie is very friendly and professional and I’m excited to return for my next treatment. 5 Star clinic ✨️

Funny Mummy

What a lovely experience had my 1st prp face and hair loss treatment, highly recommended Stephnie is just a super star👌 and she knows what she’s doing and definitely there is a positive result 😊 thank you so much for everything Stephanie. x

Sonia Zohaib

I had a brilliant experience at Stargaze Beauty getting my first PRP facial with Stephanie. Stephanie made a tailored facial based on my areas of concern, and I’m very excited to see the results of this and subsequent facials!


I’m very happy with my treatment, this is a lovely clinic, very nice and clean. Stephanie is really good and friendly 😍 She make me a cup of tea and spoil my little one

Patricia Lima

Had a great experience having treatment from Stephanie for the first time. She definitely knows her stuff, is very professional whilst very warm & courteous at the same time. She made me feel very comfortable, will be visiting again for sure.

shruti khurana

Stephanie is a pro at what she does. She listens to your concerns very well and is just amazing. Since I work in healthcare, I can definitely comment that Stephanie does a great work at making sure everything is done with a level of clinical precision as she is a nurse too! I’m definitely going back for my next appointment. Would recommend 10/10!

Lekshmi Suresh

had a couple of treatments with Stargaze beauty and i must say this place is amazing. i had lazer , prp facial and vitamin therapy. my skin look and feel amazing.
cant wait for my next treatment. thank you Stephanie.

Nasim Taghavi

What a great experience! I’ve had my first session of PRP yesterday and I didn’t feel any pain mostly because they use most advanced medicine and technology despite a fair price to compare with other clinic centres. Thanks for Stephanie, she is very nice and professional and can’t wait to do the rest of my sessions and using other services and products they sell.

Ziryan Hassan

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