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Stargaze Aesthetic clinic was founded by Stephanie Grant, a Registered General Nurse for over 10 years. During her career Stephanie has predominantly worked in an Acute Medical setting whilst providing advanced nursing care for patients with acute conditions including pre and post-operative patients advanced, invasive diagnostic or therapeutic procedures. Stephanie herself suffered a long history of acne, which inspired her to explore alternatives treatments, which in turn led her into the Aesthetic Beauty industry. Through research and trails, Stephanie discovered the Vampire Facial (also known as PRP), which miraculously cured her acne and has changed her life. Stephanie went on to further research alternative holistic skin therapies studies such as: PRP on the hair, Microneedling and more indept known about Platelet Rich Plasma. Over the years Stephanie has helped thousands of individuals regain their confidence with her combination of skin treatments tailored to individual needs. She is now a well renowned skin expert in the Aesthetics & Beauty Industry with clients travelling from all over the country to attend her clinic (Stargaze Beauty) to benefit from her expertise. Stephanie and her staff at Stargaze Beauty are committed to improving the health & well-being of clients by improving confidence. Her mission is to deliver an exceptional aesthetic result combined with a professional and ethical experience whilst following the NMC code of conduct and ensure the best results and aftercare.

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our vision and mission

Being in Aesthetic Beauty for a few years, we’ve developed new techniques and skills in the way we provide our treatments. We are dedicated and passionate when it comes to delivering results and enhancing our client’s beauty and confidence.
Our aim is to offer treatments that don’t require the use of harsh chemicals, our PRP treatments mainly focus on getting the plasma from your own blood. This plasma provides miracles in the naturalist and safest way possible, we see this as a pathway to a new type of Aesthetic Beauty that’s 100% natural and works on all types of skin for all ethnic groups.

what we do

At Stargaze Beauty we specialise in PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) and to provide an effective non-surgical treatment for various skin and hair conditions. We also combine PRP with other treatments such as derma planning, microdermabrasion, micro-needling, and hyaluronic acid to rejuvenate and enhance your natural beauty. We not only offer services, but we also offer PRP equipment for your business or personal use.

We are Affordable

We aim to provide treatments and products at a more affordable price so you can gain the best results weather your having a treatment done or doing it yourself.

High Quality

Our equipment and services are second to none, everything that we preform and sell are always kept to a high standard to ensure that we gain our customers satisfaction.

Proactive services

At Stargaze we aim to have the best customer service possible, resolving any concerns with your treatments or products is our priority.

Why Choose Us?

We don’t just treat, we care about your aftercare. All appointments are followed up with support. We offer free consultation and free hair analysis before any PRP treatments.

Whether you’re considering a PRP for Hair & Beauty or a Micro-needling or a Microdermabrasion before you decide to undergo treatment, make sure to browse our before and after galleries for each of these procedures, and many more.


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All our services are available and we provide genuine in-depth consultations.

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